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Iran Madar Co. ( IMC ) is an independent private owned company formed in 1983 in Shiraz, a historical city south of Iran.
The goal was design, manufacture & supply of measuring & control equipment in water industry in both closed pipes & open channels such as Flow meters Pressure & Level Transmitters etc.

Our main product is electromagnetic Flow meter MagAb which is from 3 up to 1400 mm.
We also supply ultrasonic Flow meters from Greyline, Canada and Micronics, UK.

In 1990, besides manufacturing, the company started to take part in different control and automation projects in the country. Nowadays IMC is producer of some different measuring & control equipment in water industry. Some thousands of these instruments are installed all around the country.
IMC also has established electronic control automation and Telemetry systems in many dams, power plants, supply water for cities & industries, water sewage treatment plants etc all over Iran.
IMC has solutions for measuring & control process of many Liquids.
Herewith we welcome cooperation with well established companies and partners all over the world, in solving the water problems in the middle region and also IRAN.

  MagAb 3000
  Flow meter IMC2020
  AQUA . G . LOG

— National Feast of campaign against     Water & Environment's  Famine
— IR Iran Exclusive Fair in Doha,           Qatar 15-19 Feb 2015
— Installation of MagAb Flow
meter      near inductive metal melting pot
— 66,000,000 Rials monthly saving
        in water consumption
— IMC2020 Intelligent Agricultural
&      Industrial Well Flow meter 
MagAb 3000 is an Electromagnetic Flow meter that measures almost any liquids, slurry, paste which has a minimum electrical conductivity. We produce it in sizes 3 up to 1400 mm.

Management and control of
gricultural & Industrial wells are very essential specialy in Middle East. Otherwise the underground water level will drop and causes environment damages.
IMC 2020
is designed for Control & Management of Industrial and Agricultural Wells.

If you buy any Flow, Pressure or level Meters equipped with GSM from IRAN MADAR, you will be given a password to enter the Internet and monitor the data of your instruments.

Comparison of two Technologies
Ultrasonic Flow Meters, TT
Doppler Flow Meter

Doppler and Transit Time are two very popular types of flow meter for non-invasive measurement of flow in full pipes. Success in your application depends on understanding the differences and making the right choice.

In Transit Time technology, we measure the travel of signal between the two sensors. There is no need to cut , or weld the tube , therefore its installation is quite easy.

The DFM 5.1 Doppler Flow Meter measures flow from the outside of metal or plastic pipes. This instrument is designed for "difficult" liquids like waste water , sludge, slurries, abrasives or any liquid with bubbles or suspended solids.
Below three companies instruments complete our products and Iran Madar is an exclusive distributor of these Companies in Iran:

Greyline develop and manufacture industrial flow and level monitoring instruments for measurement and control in water and wastewater treatment, industrial process automation and for environmental monitoring
View Greyline's site

Micronics Ltd commenced trading in 1985 and was set up to design and market “Clamp-On” ultrasonic liquid flow meters for industry and commerce. Since its inception Micronics have sold clamp-on water meters in more than 50 countries, concentrating mainly on portable “Time of Flight” meters, some of which are marketed under the registered trade name of Portaflow™.
view Micronics's Site

Toscano is a Spanish technology company, founded in 1971 in Seville, and now managed by brothers Francisco and Carlos Toscano. It develops and manufactures the latest technology in:
- Control and protection equipment for power and water sector.
- Industrial automation.
- Environment.
View toscano's site


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