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Repair of different international brands of flow meters
At our factory we will be glad to give our services to any of your Electromagnetic Flow meters which are to be repaired. Below you see some pictures of different international brands like ABB, E+H, Krohne, George Fischer, Progetti, Euromag etc which have been repaired May to August  2015.










Calibration in the biggest Test and Calibration Rig of Flow meters in the Middle East.


Since NOV, 2012 we at Iran Madar are utilizing beside our up to 400mm Calibration Rig, our new flow meter and Calibration Line, in our factory in SHIRAZ.

Nowadays calibration of Electromagnetic Flow meters in medium and big diameters up to 1400mm, and also Calibration of Ultrasonic flow meters in our factory are being performed according to International Standards. More over ISO 9001: 2008 "Quality Management Systems" and ISO 17025: 2005 "General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories" are also obtained for our calibration rig.
This test line is quite unique in the country and the region.

Running test line is used for
- Research & Development
- Quality Control
- Service & Calibration

Some specifications:
- Test and calibration of ultrasonic and electromagnetic flow meters, DN 13 to 1400mm.
- More than 1000 l/s
water flow transfer volume.
- Capable of controlling electro pumps R.P.M to test flow meters in various speeds and currents.(0 to 500,500 to 1000 lit/sec).
- Capable of data collecting and analyzing by CITECT software utilization , and initiating calibration factor(coefficient) to flow         meters, to obtain the best response in the rate of ± 0.2 percent and issuing calibration certification.
- Test and calibration performance according to ISO 4064 and other related standards.
- Wet calibration accomplishment by comparison
according to ISO 4185




400 - 1400 mm Calibration Rig

3 - 400 mm Calibration Rig

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